Ultrasound Solutions Workshop attendees can receive Ultrasound unit pricing discounts with Real Time Ultrasound Machines, Whitely Diagnostics and Sonosite.

Sonosite – Premium Partner

Sonosite, is a Premium Partner to Ultrasound Solutions and is offering a discount on their range of ultrasound machines for attendees at all Rehabilitative Ultrasound Imaging Workshops. This offer easily covers your investment in attending the workshops!

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Real Time Ultrasound Machines

Excellent Quality Ultrasound Machines Fast Friendly Service and Support Unbeatable Prices.

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Real Time Ultrasound

Whitely Diagnostics

Ultrasound Solutions welcomes Whitely Diagnostics, as a Premium Partner. They offer a wide range of Mindray ultrasound units. Discounts are available for participants in any Ultrasound Solutions workshop.

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Ultrasound Solutions